4 Reasons You Should Engage A Tax Consultant When Preparing Taxes

Tax season gives most business owners a headache because the tax preparation process can be quite complicated and time-consuming. Although many business owners choose to prepare their taxes, working with a tax consultant is always a good idea. These professionals have an accounting background, which allows them to handle the task effectively. If you wonder why you should engage a tax consultant instead of filing your taxes yourself, read on to find out more about their services. [Read More]

3 Things to Understand About Rental Property 1031 Tax Delayed Exchange

If you are investing in real estate, it is essential to understand what a 1031 exchange is. A 1031 Exchange is at its most basic a tax strategy that you can use to help increase your net worth and can utilize to grow your real estate portfolio. 1. Exchanging Businesses or Properties Under the 1031 exchange rules, which are part of the Internal Revenue Code, one can exchange one real estate property for another property or business that is determined to be like-kind. [Read More]

Three Signs You Should Ditch The Software And Hire A Professional Tax Preparer

With the rise in online software, many people are choosing to do their tax returns on their own, but you can get a lot of value by paying a tax preparer to help you. Should you work with a professional or handle your own tax prep? Ultimately, the answer varies, but here are three signs you should consider working with a tax preparation service. 1. You Think You Should Qualify for a Lower Tax Liability  [Read More]

A Few Options For Tax Debt Relief

If you have somehow gotten behind in your income taxes, the IRS can make things a bit difficult for you. While it may take them a few years to catch up with you and cause trouble, be aware that they will, at some point. They can put a lien on your property, seize your property, and charge you with tax evasion. If you have not been contacted by the IRS about your owed taxes, it would be a good idea to contact a tax debt relief service to start taking care of the situation yourself. [Read More]