A Few Options For Tax Debt Relief

If you have somehow gotten behind in your income taxes, the IRS can make things a bit difficult for you. While it may take them a few years to catch up with you and cause trouble, be aware that they will, at some point. They can put a lien on your property, seize your property, and charge you with tax evasion. If you have not been contacted by the IRS about your owed taxes, it would be a good idea to contact a tax debt relief service to start taking care of the situation yourself.

Injured Spouse Relief And Innocent Spouse Relief Are Not The Same

Injured spouse and innocent spouse are two tax terms often used interchangeably. However, it's important to understand that while the two terms sound somewhat similar — they are quite different. With that being said, people don't necessarily qualify for relief under the injured spouse guideline and automatically qualify for innocent spouse relief.  Spousal Roles One of the first factors that the IRS will consider when examining a persons' request for innocent spouse relief is their role within the tax situation.

Working A Freelance Job? What To Know About Paying Taxes

Have you made the shift from a salaried job to working freelance? If so, this may cause you to feel a bit stressed about how you handle your taxes. You no longer have to enter your W2 information and see how close your tax withholdings were to your actual taxes owed, since you likely have not paid any taxes throughout the entire year. Here are some tips that will help you for filing your taxes as a freelancer.